How Telespeech Therapy Works

Access to speech pathology services anywhere

Anyone can refer themselves or a family member for telespeech therapy services. When you contact Telespeech Australia a Speech Pathologist will give you advice about the technology required and help you to set up a trial videoconference. You will need a computer, laptop or mobile device with a camera and microphone and internet connection. If clients or families would like an initial face-to-face session, this can often be arranged.

A parent or helper needs to be present during the telespeech therapy session just as they would in a clinic based session. Sometimes the parent and Speech Pathologist will need to find ways to keep a child engaged near the camera and microphone. Alternatively we can use a camera and microphone that can be moved closer to the client.

Activities can be mailed or emailed to you before your session or they may be provided by sharing information from the computer screen. Parents may be asked to gather up suitable materials from their own collection of toys and books ready for a therapy session.

Families need to plan how they are going to prepare a child for their telespeech therapy session and make sure they are not suddenly taken away from a favourite activity. Parents need to think about how they are going to manage other children during the session and what they are going to do if the phone rings or someone comes to the door.