Telespeech Australia

Telespeech therapy uses videoconferencing technology to deliver speech pathology services over the internet wherever you may be; at home, school, childcare or in a nursing facility.
It is an alternative for people who:
• Can’t find a Speech Pathologist in their area
• Live a long way from services and want to save the time and expense of travelling
• Don’t want to miss work or school to attend an appointment
• Have impaired mobility and don’t want to rely on someone else to take them to appointments

Telespeech therapy is just like face-to-face speech therapy but instead of sitting across the table from the Speech Pathologist you will be viewing each other across the internet on your computer screens. All you need is a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone and an internet connection. There is evidence that clinical outcomes and client satisfaction with telepractice are equivalent to conventional speech therapy.


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